Enter: FABRICLIVE 56 / Pearson Sound | Ramadanman

March 30 2011

North Londoner David Kennedy, aka Pearson Sound or Ramadanman, also running Hessle Audio alongside friends Ben UFO and Pangaea – just produced the 56th FABRICLIVE mix.
Buy it right here.

“It’s all very much live mixing, no time stretching or auto beat matching. It’s a bit of a retrospective of some of my favourite music from 2010, and is representative of a set I would play in a club. Even though I don’t play much stuff at 140bpm these days, I always like to end up at that tempo as that is the music that got me to where I am, and tracks like Sub Zero by D1 are very powerful for me because they remind me of spending time at FWD in 2006, which was so formative.”
-David Kennedy


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