Style: Mister X | Gemini @ Safe House

January 17 2012

Mister X vine alaturi de noi cu un set de proiectii special pentru petrecerea de Sambata: Gemini @ Safe House (Dubstep Police)

Mister X face parte dintre sustinatorii/veterani ai muzicii electronice ‘tinere’ din Bucuresti, surfer pe noul val de miscare underground de dupa 2000; atat el cat si laptopul sau de pe care proiecta imagini tripante in cuibul bucurestean de lansare, Web Club.
Nicusor Ghiorghe nu reprezinta Vjiul tipic, ci mai degraba un artist boem “anti sistem” care cerne atent detaliile realitatii prin sita oculara pentru a putea reproduce in maniera artistica proprie reflexia acesteia.
Stilul sau unic atrage atentia asupra intregului generat de audio-video, si asta pentru ca arta sa vizuala intra in simbioza cu amprenta sonora din boxe.
Un exemplu de multimedia il reprezinta proiectul sau alaturi de Mark Williams, XsoUnd.

Peste toate, NG aka DomnuX aka Mister X este un om deosebit, natural, real, aici.

Mister X (aka MisteriX, aka Domnu X), from Bucharest, has entered the video art scene of his city in 2005, with projections at numerous events, especially on the drum and bass and breakcore music scene. The most profound influences in his visuals are deeply rooted in surrealism and postmodernism. The abstract video-painting processes and the chaos of video-photo collages are combining to produce a spectacular result, always having a central and meaningful element. His VJ work is divided into two steps: the pre-event one and the one during the event. The work before the event is about concept, filming and raw cuts. The work during the event consists in mixing the raw images and further developing the initial concept. This means combining in a controlled chaotic way elements that in the end suit perfectly the original idea. The raw filming before the event, which can look bad to the untrained eye, is not representative to the concept and only after adequate mixing all the pieces fall into place. So his method is one that requires taking little steps in the dark while visioning only the final result. Since 2007 Mister X has worked on a permanent base with UpperCUT. Their most important joint venture is XsoUnd, a multimedia project that combines the digital technology with traditional methods, obsolete, for playing sound and image. The keyword of the project is diversity: starting with the media for images and music (gramophone, analogue tube TV sets, boom box, iPhone, chaos pad, etc..) to the musical styles covered, that trace a small modern history of the sound. Thus, XsoUnd could mean anything from jazz to noise, from IDM to classical music or from dusbtep to fiddler music, each song coming as a total surprise.

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